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WASP-9993   WASPcam 9993 Flex Rod 14" Billet Aluminum Connector
WASP-9994   WASPcam 9994 Flex Rod 20" Billet Aluminum Connector
WASP-9998   WASPcam 9998 LED Light Mount
WGA-TS-0501-3001   WG (2010 38/40/45) - current 50/60 Diaphragm Replacement
WGA-TS-0501-3004   WG Valve Guide 'O' Ring
WGA-TS-0501-3003   WG38 (older versions) Valve Seat
WG-TS-0501-1141   WG38 2011 Ultra-Gate 38 14psi Black
WG-TS-0501-1140   WG38 2011 Ultra-Gate 38 14psi Blue
WG-TS-0501-1202   WG38 2011 Ultra-Gate 38 35psi Black
WG-TS-0501-1201   WG38 2011 Ultra-Gate 38 35psi Blue
WG-TS-0501-1102   WG38 2011 Ultra-Gate 38 7psi Black
WG-TS-0501-1101   WG38 2011 Ultra-Gate 38 7psi Blue
WGA-TS-0501-3103   WG38 2011 Ultra-Gate Valve Seat
WGA-TS-0501-3002   WG38 Manifold Gasket-SS 2-Pack
WGA-TS-0501-2002   WG38 Weld Flanges - Mild Steel
WGA-TS-0501-2001   WG38 Weld Flanges - Stainless
WGA-TS-0505-3009   WG38/40/45 1/16NPT Hose Barb Fittings
WGA-TS-0505-3008   WG38/40/45 Collar Tool
WGA-TS-0505-3006   WG38/40/45 Diaphragm Assembly
WGA-TS-0505-3007   WG38/40/45 Locking Collar
WG-TS-0505-1010   WG40 Comp-Gate 40 - 14 PSI Black
WG-TS-0505-1009   WG40 Comp-Gate 40 - 14 PSI Blue
WG-TS-0505-1006   WG40 Comp-Gate 40 7psi Black
WG-TS-0505-1005   WG40 Comp-Gate 40 7psi Blue
WG-TS-0505-1202   WG40 Comp-Gate 40mm - 35 PSI Black
WG-TS-0505-1201   WG40 Comp-Gate 40mm - 35 PSI Blue
WGA-TS-0505-3004   WG40 Inlet V-Band
WGA-TS-0505-3001   WG40 Inlet Weld Flange
WGA-TS-0505-3005   WG40 Outlet V-Band
WGA-TS-0505-3002   WG40 Outlet Weld Flange
WGA-TS-0505-3003   WG40 Valve Seat
WGA-TS-0504-3009   WG45 1.75" coupling kit
WG-TS-0506-1041   WG45 2011 Hyper-Gate 45 14psi Black
WG-TS-0506-1040   WG45 2011 Hyper-Gate 45 14psi Blue
WG-TS-0506-1002   WG45 2011 Hyper-Gate 45 7psi Black
WG-TS-0506-1001   WG45 2011 Hyper-Gate 45 7psi Blue
WGA-TS-0504-3007   WG45 Alloy Inlet Weld Flange
WGA-TS-0504-3008   WG45 ALLOY Outlet Weld Flange
WGA-TS-0504-3004   WG45 Inlet Vee Band
WGA-TS-0504-3001   WG45 Inlet Weld Flange
WGA-TS-0504-3005   WG45 Outlet Vee Band
WGA-TS-0504-3002   WG45 Outlet Weld Flange
WGA-TS-0504-3003   WG45 Valve Seat
WGA-TS-0502-3004   WG50 Inlet V-Band
WGA-TS-0502-3001   WG50 Inlet Weld Flange
WGA-TS-0502-3005   WG50 Outlet V-Band
WGA-TS-0502-3002   WG50 Outlet Weld Flange
WG-TS-0502-1041   WG50 Pro-Gate 50 14psi Black
WG-TS-0502-1040   WG50 Pro-Gate 50 14psi Blue
WG-TS-0502-1002   WG50 Pro-Gate 50 7psi Black
WG-TS-0502-1001   WG50 Pro-Gate 50 7psi Blue
WGA-TS-0502-3003   WG50 Valve Seat
WGA-TS-0502-2004   WG50/60 10PSI MID SPRG-BLK/BLU
WGA-TS-0502-2006   WG50/60 12PSI OUTER SPRG-BLK/RED
WGA-TS-0502-2005   WG50/60 14PSI MID SPRG-BLK/YEL
WGA-TS-0502-2001   WG50/60 5PSI IN SPRG-BLK/GRY
WGA-TS-0502-2002   WG50/60 7PSI IN SPRG-BLK/WHT
WGA-TS-0502-2003   WG50/60 7PSI OUT SPRG-BLK/PUR
WGA-TS-0503-3004   WG60 Inlet V-Band
WGA-TS-0503-3001   WG60 Inlet Weld Flange
WGA-TS-0503-3005   WG60 Outlet V-Band
WGA-TS-0503-3002   WG60 Outlet Weld Flange
WG-TS-0503-1041   WG60 Power-Gate 60 14psi Black
WG-TS-0503-1040   WG60 Power-Gate 60 14psi Blue
WG-TS-0503-1002   WG60 Power-Gate 60 7psi Black
WG-TS-0503-1001   WG60 Power-Gate 60 7psi Blue
WGA-TS-0503-3003   WG60 Valve Seat
AEM-30-4900   Wideband Failsafe Gauge

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