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#GBA-003AB. Boost Gauge Tap Fitting Kit - Anti-Buzz
Boost Gauge Tap Fitting Kit - Anti-BuzzBoost Gauge Tap Fitting Kit - Anti-Buzz (addditional image)

This kit allows you to tap your mechanical boost gauge into an existing boost / vacuum line in your engine bay. Can be used with any mechanical boost gauge that use 1/8" tubing as a feed line, like AutoMeter and others.

This is the Anti-Buzz version. This kit has a special "Anti-Buzz" restrictor orifice built-in to it's T-Fitting which serves to absorb any vibration that the line may be subjected to and help eliminate the BUZZ sound that some users experience emanating from boost gauges. This is a common issue with turbocharged VW set-ups, especially Mk4 versions. (That noise is caused by high frequency air pulses that come out of the turbo.)

The kit includes: the T-Fitting with the restrictor orifice, a rubber "Splicing Tube" which allows you to attach the 1/8 inch boost gauge feed tube to the T-Fitting, 4 small cable ties, and instructions. After attaching your 1/8 inch tube from the gauge to the T-Fitting, just find a good boost / vacuum line in your engine bay to tap into and "voila".... you're done.

Note: This kit is especially good for AutoMeter's "Pressure Only" mechanical gauges like the 0 - 35 PSI gauges. They have only a cumbersome brass fitting to tap your boost. The AutoMeter "Vacuum/Boost" gauges that read from -30 to +30 DO come with a "T" from the factory but we think the Boost Gauge Installation Fitting Kit is still a good idea for those too, as the "T" included with this kit has the special "restrictor orifice" built-in. Plus, we like the way this kit makes the seal at the "T" compared to the method provided with AutoMeter's vacuum/boost gauges. This kit works with VDO boost gauges and any other boost gauge that utilizes a 1/8 inch OD feed line (most do).

Note: This kit was previously called the "Boost Gauge Installation Fitting Kit". The name has changed and there are now Standard and Anti-Buzz versions.

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